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laboratoire d'analyses biologie medicaleFunctional and preventive clinical pathology

Healthy living is a delicate balance between a large number of systems in the human body. If imbalances apear, discomfort, exhaustion and, finally, diseases may occur. Understanding these systems and early detecting their imbalances can anticipate the onset of troubles and extend healthy life and, more generally, avoid the adverse effects of environmental agressions or age-related disorders.

Many patients use dietary supplements to try to regulate these biological systems but non controlled automedication often represents a greater risk than the benefit actually generated within a rational and measured prescription. Functional clinical pathology provides a comprehensive and objective measurement of the functioning of metabolic and endocrine systems and of their interactions, thus providing clinicans with a comprehensive and objective monitoring of the functional status of patients and with objective elements to take treatment decisions on a rational basis.

It represents a personalized, predictive and preventive approach.

Biopredix offers a comprehensive range of profiles for assessing the Health Capital of patients and for following its evolutions. Graphical representation of the results constitutes a genuine dashboard, through selective assay of a large number of parameters which have all been carefully selected for their biological relevance, not only intrinsically but also in the context of the mutual interactions of biological systems. Since results interpretation is the cornerstone of clinical relevance, Biopredix assists prescribers through a dialog on each clinical case.