Vitamin profile (post-treatment check-up)

Vitamins are essential for healthy living and both their deficiency and their excess can have extremely serious consequences. While deficiencies are common in dieting or in case of bad dietary habits, hypervitaminosis represents a serious threat in case of non controlled supplementation. Biopredix profiles enable objective and precise control of the vitamin status.

For assessing and monitoring the vitamin status, Biopredix offers: :

  • An annual check-up « Vitamin profile » whose content is detailed hereafter (tests list,recommended sample nature and prescription form).
  • A post-treatment check-point « Vitamin profile » for monitoring and control this equilibrium..

List of tests

Mandatory Sample natures


  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B9 (folates)
  • Vitamin B9 in RBCs
  • Vitamin B12/folates in RBCs
  • Vitamin D

Sample natures :

2 tubes of 1 ml serum each
2 ml heparinized whole blood
3 ml EDTA whole blood protected from light
1 ml heparinized plasma protected from light
Sample to be stored at + 4°C
Sample to be stored at frozen
For prescribing this profile, a dedicated request form is downloadable by clicking here