12 TELOMERESTelomer Index T/S : Indicator of cellular aging

Telomeres are repetitive DNA sequences at the ends of all human chromosomes. Telomeres shortening over time is linked to cellular aging. In normal tissues, each cellular division leads to telomeres shortening due to the incapacity of the cell to fully replicate the extremity of their chromosomes. In the long run, telomeres shortening leads to the end of the cell cycle and the death of the cell by apoptosis.
The gender and geographic origins of an individual are factors impacting his telomeres length.
Similarly, oxydative stress, corporal mass index, tobacco or alcool consumption, physical activity or nutrition would have an impact on this parameter. As a consequence, even if age and heredity are important factors of telomeres shortening, their length over time depend a lot on lifestyle and environment.

Biopredix provides a test allowing an evaluation of telomeres lenght. The result is given as a telomere index (T/S) and compared to indexes of a study population in the same age range. Telomere index T/S is obtained by the analysis of genetic material (DNA) of  nucleated cells circulating in the blood*. This index represents the average length of telomeres and it evoluates over time with the age of cells. As a consequence a high telomere index is the signature of « young » cells whereas a low telomere index represents « aging » cells.


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Telomer Index T/S

Sample natures :

5 ml EDTA Whoole Blood
Sample to be stored at + 4°C
Sample to be stored at frozen
Sample to be stored at room temperature
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