About us

Specialist in preventive, functional, predictive and personalized medicine

Biopredix provides clinicians specialized in preventive and functional medicine with the profiles required for the management and follow-up of their patients. Those profiles, whose tests have carefully selected according to their clinical relevance, are analyzed in laboratories selected by Biopredix on the basis of their respect of the Biopredix chain of value. Interpretation of the test results and the dialog between the clinician and the clinical pathologist is indispensable for ensuring an adapted patient management. Therefore, Biopredix develops its human resources for offering each clinician to dialog live with a specialized clinical pathologist on each individual case.

Biopredix benefits:

  • Tests selected upon both their intrinsic clinical pathological relevance and the meaning of all test results taken together, enabling a comprehensive description of the biological systems involved and of their interactions.
  • Graphical representation and personnalized assistance to results interpretation with, for each clinician, the availability of a Biopredix specialized clinical pathologist for live dialog.
  • Network of partner labs accredited according to the ISO 15189 standard, familiar with the Biopredix offer and meeting the highest quality criteria, from sample collection and transport to results delivery.



Partner Laboratories

Biopredix operates in close collaboration with clinical pathology laboratories acknowledged for their know-how and analytical quality. To learn more about your closest laboratory, click Partner labs. For other countries, please mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for obtaining your local list of partner laboratories.