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11th Anti Ageing Conference London :  9th -11th october 2014

Biopredix is present at the 11th Anti Ageing Conference in London from 9th to 11th october 2014 on Functional proteomic profile. 

A new medical approach in P4 AA medecine : the most effective solution to maintain good health.


35th National Congress of Esthetic Medicine SFME-AFME

Paris, Palais des Congrès, September 12-13, 2014
The National Congress of AFME (French Association of Morpho-Esthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine) will again be coupled with the one of the SFME (French Society for Esthetic medicine).

It is dedicated to physicians in their daily practice. This is an opportunity to take stock and to better understand esthetic and anti-aging medicine.

Biopredix offers a workshop on the advantages of clinical pathology in anti-aging medicine.

Conference in Lebanon

Dr. Jean François Bezot made a lecture about the place of Biopredix profiles in functional and preventive medicine at the Résidence des Pins, the French Embassy in Beyrouth (Lebanon). Over 70 attendees were present to listen to the conference, introduced by the President of the Lebanese College of Physicians.

AMWC 2014 - 12th Anti-Aging Meecine Worl Congress

MONTE CARLO - Principality of Monaco - Grimaldi Forum

Biopredix is present on Saturday 5 April (8:30 - 9:30 - Session 44) with a conference on " Biology of Systems in Personalised Medicine" (Jean-François Bezot) -

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BIOPREDIX is present at Proaging Europe Congress in Brussels - March 20-23.

The event of the year in medical therapies to reduce, slow down or even reverse aging.